Conline-Rhenania protects

Conline-Rhenania performs both interior and exterior coating of pipes. Exterior coating protects the pipe against, amongst others, corrosion and damage by coarse elements, for instance, a rocky subsoil. If it concerns an offshore pipeline, it is important to prevent it from floating, by applying a concrete weight coating. Interior coating or lining is implemented, for instance, for making a pipe suitable for the transport of drinking water. The optimisation of the transport may also be a reason for applying interior coating. For instance, gas flows better through a pipe with a friction-reducing coating, which results in a higher yield for the client.


Exterior coatings
  • Polyolefin coatings

  • Fibre reinforced cement coating (FZM)

  • Concrete weight coating
  • Interior linings
  • Cement mortar lining

  • Epoxy and paint systems